Clear Energy’s Q3 2014 Midwest Market Notes

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Illinois: The past quarter saw very little liquidity in the IL ARES wind market, with offers holding steady. Forward pricing has jumped up a bit, providing a very nice premium to the stagnant Green-e Market.

Michigan: Just when Ohio was starting to dominate these notes, Michigan decides to join the party with a proposed bill to kill the RPS (House Bill 5872). While it adds a bit of spice to the staid nature of trading in state, there is little chance this bill will make it out of committee, let alone pass. Polling in the state shows about 70% support for increasing the RPS requirements. A more likely scenario is that the standard will see modifications to the energy efficiency component as well as a change from renewable resources to ‘clean energy’, once recommendations from the Senate Energy and Technology Committee are made final, sometime later this year. View PDF